What we do

FLJ inc offers a wide variety of services. We always like to remind clients and prospective clients about all the things we can do and help with. Starting with the planning and permitting process, its nice to have a builders input through the early stages. Depending on the scale we can help out with the permitting process.

We have helped remodel clients, move out and pack up, looked at possible home purchases to give input on building and helped put together teams for the building process. Looking at efficient building practices, implementing and helping with the best way to conserve on waste, money, time and energy.

Once approved, we have a lot of in house services, from grading and site work, all phases of construction, in house steel work and welding, foundations, framing, finish work, fine woodworking. We can make anything, and really do anything related to building a house.

We have a lot of experience with reuse and renovating, and bringing houses into the 21st century, sealing them up, insulating, replacing windows and doors, adding new high efficient fixtures and appliances, so that your house will be as energy efficient as we decide to make it.

We are hands on and on site, and have worked with the same sub-contractors and suppliers for years and have developed a real service based business. We are in peoples homes, providing things people use day to day, and we know this means being there when clients need us, as well as being courteous, clean and conscientious.